2 Pack AA Panasonic Alkaline Batteries

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Product Info:

Voltage: 1.5V
Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to 54°C
Shelf Life: 7 Years (80% Capacity)

For Current-hungry Devices
Alkaline batteries produce more current than manganese batteries, and are therefore suitable for devices that demand high continuous current, such as radio-controlled cars, powerful toys, and lamps.
Best performing in digital cameras, toys and game remotes the Panasonic Evolta Alkaline Batter AA 2 pack have anti-leak technology and contain no mercury.

The ultimate energy solution
EVOLTA is Panasonic's No.1 primary battery. It consistently outperforms our competition's premium products across all the commonly accepted industry tests in almost any appliance you can think of. The EVOLTA concept was born from the words "evolution" and "voltage", with evolution signifying growth and voltage representing high power. EVOLTA batteries are next-generation batteries, with unique Panasonic technologies propelling dry-cell capabilities to new heights. EVOLTA delivers increased power and longer life, even after very long periods in storage. Combining class-leading performance with safety and reliability under the harshest conditions, it's not surprising that EVOLTA is now the most trusted battery brand in the world.
High-reactivity materials
Newer and more effective reactive materials are used in EVOLTA batteries to generate consistently high power over a longer lifespan. These materials include a high-purity manganese dioxide and a titanium additive.

Ultra-high-density filling technology
If the density of the filling materials inside a battery is inconsistent, performance can suffer. The development of new materials has led to uniform, homogenized filling density in EVOLTA batteries for superior performance.

Thinner gasket for higher capacity
An improved structural design has reduced the bulk of the gasket and can, providing greater internal volume for active chemical ingredients-which means longer life and improved discharge performance.

Package Includes:
1 x 2 Pack AA batterie