The Book of Hallowe'en: The Origin and History of Halloween

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Since its original publication in 1919, Ruth Edna Kelley's THE BOOK OF HALLOWE'EN remains the all time classic exploration of Halloween history, from the mysterious year end rites of the ancient Celts, to the autumnal reign of Samhain, the Druid god of death, to the coming to Europe of Christianity and "All Saints Day," to the charming early 20th Century Halloween beliefs and customs of Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, France, Germany and America. Filled with Halloween poems, games and tried and true ancient methods for divining the future (especially for discovering the identity of one's future spouse!), THE BOOK OF HALLOWE'EN opens a captivating window into the past of one of today's most beloved holidays.

Authur: Ruth Edna Kelley, A.M.

Table of Contents Publication Information and Dedication


Chapter I. Sun-Worship. The Sources Of Hallowe'en

Chapter II. The Celts: Their Religion And Festivals

Chapter III. Samhain

Chapter IV. Pomona

Chapter V. The Coming Of Christianity. All Saints'. All Souls'.

Chapter VI. Origin And Character Of Hallowe'en Omens

Chapter VII. Hallowe'en Beliefs And Customs In Ireland

Chapter VIII. In Scotland And The Hebrides

Chapter IX. In England and Man

Chapter X. In Wales

Chapter XI. In Brittany and France

Chapter XII. The Teutonic Religion. Witches

Chapter XIII. Walpurgis Night

Chapter XIV. More Hallowtide Beliefs and Customs

Chapter XV. Hallowe'en in America

Four Poems